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11. H: Pho co Hoi An – Hoi An Ancient town

Hoi An is recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999 (Fan, 2017).

I visited Hoi An Ancient town 2 years ago on my holiday with my family. The only thing that impressed me the most is that mostly visitors are Westerners, while in Ba Na Hills, foreigners are rare. I can guess that the ancient beauty of Hoi An has brought foreigners there. Leaving the hustle and bustle cities behind and enjoy the old lifestyle on narrow and old streets and ancient houses is such an wonderful experience for them. Another thing that tourists would like to experience in Hoi An is food either at the mobile carts or in restaurants and they seldom miss “cao lau“. Old but beautiful temples and pagodas also contribute to the unique beauty of Hoi An.

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12. I: Banh Pia

Banh pia comes from Soc Trang, a province in Mekong Delta, South Vietnam. When I was on my field trip with my Faculty of Foreign Languages of my university in Vietnam to the southwestern provinces, I bought many packets of banh pia for my family and friend. Because I had to eat them up before their expired date, I did not take any photos of them.

Banh Pia is a very special cake in its taste. One banh pia  is made from green peas, durian and a yolk of salted egg in the middle. Sometimes, it can make from taros instead of green peas but durian cannot be exclusive. We like to eat banh pia with a cup of black tea or green tea to lessen its sweetness.

Image taken from http://www.luxurycruisemekong.com/pia-pastry-must-try-dessert-travel-mekong-river-vietnam/

13. K: Truyen Kieu –  The tale of Kieu

Vietnamese people have considered The tale of Kieu a literature masterpiece for centuries. It was created by Nguyen Du, “known as the father of Vietnamese literature” (Gibson, 2017). The work of a Chinese author in Ming Dynasty “Kim Van Kieu” inspired him to create Truyen Kieu – The tale of Kieu in 1813 (Gibson, 2017).

The tale of Kieu or The New Scream that Cuts your Guts include three main character: Kim Trong and siblings: Thuy Van and Thuy Kieu (The Tale of Kieu, n.d.). It tells a story of the unfortunate life of talented and beautiful Thuy Kieu I and her life turns to a new page when she makes her decision to sell herself to save her family.

Here are some sentence describing the beauty of Thuy Kieu, translated by Phan Huy.

“Her face a full moon, her eyebrows two long arcs.

Her smile a flower and her voice sounds of jade,

Clouds yielded her hair and snow ceded her skin.

Kieu was even more attractive and charming,

Surpassing her sister in skill and beauty.”

truyen kieu.jpg
Image taken from http://honvietquochoc.com.vn/bai-viet/1300-vn-k-hy-trong-truyn-kiu.aspx

14. L: Den long – Lantern

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Wonderful hand-made lantern is another unique feature of Hoi An. If you visit Hoi An at night, we will probably see the magnificent town lit up with beautiful lanterns. Foreigners also love to buy one from a lantern shop here as  souvenirs.

15. M: Mua roi nuoc – Water puppetry

Water puppetry is a typical art of Vietnam then and now. The story behind a water puppetry performance could be Vietnamese tales, legends or just the daily activities of Vietnamese people then.

Here is the video “Ha Noi Water Puppet Show” I have found from Youtube.

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