D, E, G

6. D: Ao dai

Ao dai, Vietnamese national dress, is worn by both men and women, but the design is simpler for men and more beautiful, colorful, and pattern for women. It is called dress but it goes with pants. Nowadays, we usually wear it in special occations such as festivals, Tet, or wedding (Ao dai, n.d.). In some high school, white ao dai  is uniform for girls. I used to wear it when I was in year 11 and 12.

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7. Đ: Da Lat

Da Lat, situated in Lam Dong province, is well-known for cool weather, picturesque scenery, and cozy homestay. It attracts both domestic and foreign tourists in seasons. Valley of Love, Dambri Falls, Xuan huong Lake, Datanla falls, Xuan Huong Lake have been famous sites for many years, and Hang Nga Crazy House, Cremaillere Railway Station – the most ancient station in Vietnam

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8. E: Xe om

“Motorcycles is the main means of transportation in Vietnam” (Xe Om, n.d.).

Xe om or motor taxi can be seen in the street of Vietnam. If you walk down the street and see one man or two or maybe more than that coming together and sitting on their motorcycle with tanned skin and friendly faces, also there is a helmet hanging  on a side of the motorcycles, xe om service is ready to take you to wherever you want to within the city. Also, some of them may have the sign ” XE OM” in front of their motorcycles. You can come to ask them for a drive or they would probably reach out to you to offer their service. Moreover, xe om is much cheaper than taxi especially if you good at bargaining.

Xe om VNO.jpg
Image taken from https://www.vietnamonline.com/transport/xe-om.html

There is one more thing that I love xe om although I seldom  use this service. That is they are live maps of the city. Once I got lost in Sai Gon on my way to university on my scooter and obviously GPS did not support scooters. I came and asked a xe om  driver and he showed me the easiest way to get back to my university. Therefore, tourists will never be afraid of getting lost when sitting on their pillion and getting ready to be in traffic.

9. Ê: Ca phe sua da – Iced milk coffee

In Western countries like Australia, people make their coffee in the morning by coffee machine, while in Vietnam, coffee is brewed with coffee mills and a small metal drip filter. Then, sweetened condensed milk and sugar probably is added, stirred well and we drink it with ice.

When my cousin and her husband, an Australian were on their holiday in my home country, he really fell in love with iced milk coffee. My cousin had to buy the filters there to make iced milk coffee for him in Australia. How interesting!

Image result for ca phe sua da
Image taken from https://www.tripadvisor.com/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g312693-d8698306-i160393424-Banh_Pho_Vietnamese_Kitchen_and_Cafe-Paranaque_Metro_Manila_Luzon.html

10. G: Ganh Da Dia – Da Dia reef

Ganh Da Dia is located in north of Tuy Hoa province in the central of Vietnam.

Long time ago, the eruption of a volcano formed Da Dia reef (10 Recommendations When Visiting Phu Yen, 2014) and now it became one of the most attractive destinations for local people and foreigners. The rock columns are different in size, some sinks in the sea and some rise high above the others.

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  1. Iced milk coffee! Everyone loves their coffee. Some people prefer tea. In my country, the famous drink is called ‘teh tarik’, known as pulled tea. I don’t know how to explain it very well but I hope you get the idea.


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